Kayla's Kandids Photography 

Lake Geneva, WI
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Boudoirs and Boudoir Parties are my Specialty. A boudoir is a special photo shoot that you do for a special someone. You can do them for any occasion such as Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthdays or your Anniversary. Its a great gift for him as well as yourself. My goal is to make each woman feel as beautiful as possible. Leave it up to Kayla to worry about unsightly things that may bother you about your body or appearance. Every woman has it in her to do a fabulous boudoir shoot and look her very best.

Still a little nervous? Throw a Boudoir Party. A party is basically a boudoir shoot that you do with friends. Grab your best friend or a few close friends and brave the camera together. You know your friends will have your back and help make sure that you look your best. Plus, you feel a little less alone when your friends are in their skivvies with you. We play music, have some drinks and make a night out of it. Throwing a party also lowers the cost for everyone.